About Rosemary

About Rosemary


Art has been important to me all my life. My mother Diana, encouraged me from the word go to explore my talents. Her sister Rosalind, was an accomplished Sydney artist who lived a bohemian life with a studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney in the 1980s. This world of painting and creativity seemed very exciting to me as a teenager. After leaving school in 1983, I was determined to study the History of Fine Art at Melbourne University and then pursue a more hands on artistic direction once leaving University. Design school followed and years of private training in life drawing and painting. I'm still learning although I am now largely self- taught.

I have had three solo exhibitions exploring different genres of Art from portraiture to landscape. I am about to start a new series of paintings about the joy of life in Richmond and South Yarra because painting is one of the most enjoyable things you can do and life just keeps getting better!

Currently, my studio is filled with paintings and drawings that I have brought out of storage along with my latest work. Most of these can be viewed on this website although this is just a sample of my work.

Anyone viewing this website is welcome to visit me in Richmond and see the full range of my work.  I would love to hear from you!